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Global Reach:

Operating on a global scale, Pele Farms boasts a network of facilities strategically positioned to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Global Partnerships and Initiatives:

Beyond our own facilities, Pele Farms collaborates with partners, governments, and organizations worldwide to promote sustainable agriculture and food innovation. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, we're driving positive change and creating a more resilient and equitable food system for all.

Manchester, UK Headquarters:

Our headquarters in Manchester serve as the nerve center of our operations, overseeing strategic planning, research, and development. From this hub of innovation, we drive forward-thinking solutions that shape the future of agriculture.

- Upcoming: We are in the process of setting up our first UK 100% fully automated system with a production capacity of 1.5 metric tons per week.


Beit Elazari, Israel Laboratory: 

Nestled in Beit Elazari, our main laboratory serves as the epicenter of scientific research and experimentation. Here, our team of experts conducts cutting-edge research to push the boundaries of agricultural technology and sustainability.


Azerbaijan Manual Setup:

Although not currently operational due to financial difficulties faced by the dairy farm, our manual setup in Azerbaijan showcases our global reach and expertise. Designed for the production of 50 tons of green food per day, this facility demonstrates our ability to scale technology to diverse agricultural landscapes.


Golan Heights Automated Prototype:

Our prototype facility in the Golan Heights represents our commitment to innovation. Semi-automated and boasting a production capacity of 200 kg per day, this facility showcases the future of vertical farming. Visitors can witness firsthand the transformative power of technology in agriculture.


Uttar Pradesh, India - Future Facility:

We're excited to announce that Pele Farms is in the process of setting up a new facility in UP, India. This state-of-the-art facility will be fully automated and equipped with cutting-edge technology, with a production capability of 100 metric tons per day. This expansion will further strengthen our global presence and contribute to sustainable agriculture practices in the region.

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